Families of Sonora, Mexico

This first leg of my journey has placed me exactly where I’d hoped to find myself: deep into my own past, at a literal and figurative cultural crossroads, and focused on the future of a continent. I’ve been fortunate to interview people from all walks of life, including successful ranch owners, cowboys, ranch hands, cooks, and folks I’ve met along the way. I don’t recall ever learning so much so quickly or feeling so fortunate to be able to pursue my scholarly, cultural, and artistic goals.

First stopRancho San Jose del Carizzo, near Bacoachi, Mexico. The owner Humberto de Hoyos served as gracious host and tour guide who personally introduced me to a most colorful, thoughtful, and knowledgeable cast of characters.

VictorEnriqueHumbert de HoyosJavier DosamantesRancho San José del CarrizoSunsetA GuitarRancho San José del CarrizoRancho San José del Carrizo Pond

Second stop. Rancho Los Banos, near Esqueda, Mexico. I spent five wonderful days here, hiking or riding horseback in the morning, lunching with the cowboys at midday, conducting interviews in the afternoon, and jamming with my hosts in the evenings. I also had the great pleasure of getting to know ranch owner Manuel, Sr., his son, and the wonderful staff at this extraordinary spot in the foothills of the Sierra Madre Mountains.

LupitaManuelVictor 2Los VaquerosRanch Los Banos 5Ranch Los Banos 4Morning PlantsRanch Los Banos 18Dibujos 1

More thoughts, photos, and videos to come.

3 thoughts on “Families of Sonora, Mexico

  1. My grandparent senor Frias is from sonora mx, my father’s father and his mother Elena Bracamonte too.. My mom’s mom is Bertha sesma from hermisilo sonora mx


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